Proud To Be A American
About Our Company and Family

Almost 22 years ago, I was having serious problems with my hands developing cracks that would swell and bleed. I saw a doctor regularly, took medications for two years without success, then started radiation treatment as a last resort. Then a friend asked me if I had ever made or used handmade soaps. I had not tried handmade soap and didn't know where to get any, so I went to a bookstore and bought the only book they had on soap making. I went home and made soap with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Crisco, scented with essential oil from a health food store, then waited four weeks for it to cure. When it was time for her next radiation treatment, I did not need it. My doctor now buys soap from me to sell to patients at his clinic.

From there it went to more soapmaking, more craft shows, more giving to friends and family and then a website after my husband, Max, had made me some molds. At the time we went on the net, we never dreamed the molds and soap making supplies would take over and do so well, but they have and we thank the Lord and our customers each day for this. Now it is soap making for me, packing up soap making supplies, soap molds, doing the computer and working the web page.

My favorite soap is Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey, which has always been one of my bestsellers. I mostly do cold process soaps, as I like them much better. I love meeting and talking to other soapmakers and helping them to make soaps if I can. I have met so many wonderful people here on the internet and have gotten to meet some in person as well. Which has been and is a blessing to me.

I teach soapmaking classes to adults and to children at area elementary schools, giving the kids a bar of CP soap to take home with them. The kids love being able to take a bar of soap home with them, and the adults do as well.

About my family, I have been married to Max for 48 years. We moved from Klondike, TX in 2009 to my parent's house in Westbrook, TX. We have had some hard times, as most people have, but we have survived them and made well with what God has to offer us. We have one daughter, Me'Linda, and we have two granddaughters, which is Kelsei, which our Company is named after, and she is 23 years old and graduated from Westbrook High School in 2011. We raised Kelsei and she is our pride and joy. She came to us at a time that the good Lord knew we needed her. Max was just finishing chemo treatments and was having a bad time and Kelsei made his life a joy and mine too. Our other granddaugher is Lauren and she is 18 years old and is a Senior at Klondike ISD. Lauren is a very sweet and beautiful girl. She has been the Cougar Mascot for her 4 years in High School.

And now we have a beautiful Great Granddaughter, Aris. Aris is 4 months old now. She has the big brown eyes Kelsei has. She is a big little 4 month old sweet heart. She loves to eat and loves her bananas the best right now. And loves to goo and smile and talk. I tell Kelsei she is just like she was at that age, never shut up and still Kelsei don't shut up.

Max started making soap molds, when I could not cut my bars of soap for the life of me. I had all size bars, all shape bars because cutting soap was not my thing. So he decided he would make me a mold. Well it took him awhile to get the mold I wanted, because some he made me just did not work at all, so back to the drawing board he would go. Finally he came up with one that worked great for me. Well that is where our life went with the molds he makes. Now Max can make custom molds to what you want, logo, size bars, shape bars. But we still make the Original Divider Soap Molds and will keep making them.