Comments From Our Customers

We at Virginia Soap & Scents have been using the Kelsei 18 bar divider molds for several months now as we have been developing a new line of artisan swirled soaps in our business. The craftsmanship of the molds is top-notch. The molds are sturdy, well-made, and most importantly they actually work just like they claim they will! The soap bars are easy to remove and the molds clean up beautifully. The divider molds have opened up a whole new world for us in soap artistry and we highly recommend them.

Richelle Spargur

Virginia Soaps & Scents

Hi Rita,

Thank You Rita for allowing me to tell you about your Kefir bar of soap. I ordered it wondering what it really was and if it was as good as it said on your web page. Well, first time using the bar I was hooked! It is the best bar of soap I have ever used. It is better than Goat's Milk soap, I THINK. And I am a goat's milk soapier. This bar of Kefir Lavender is GREAT. Smells wonderful and makes my itchy skin feel so good. Even it is healing my spots on my arms and legs, I think!! It also is a very relaxing scent. Just a GOOD bar of soap. Thanks so much for this bar of soap and keep up the good work, Rita. I will be back for more of that soap too. You keep making the great Kefir soaps!

Also almost forgot, the bar has a very good lather, just gives great bubbles and and so moisturizing.

Martha A.

Hi Max and Rita,

I just wanted to write you all and say how great the 18 bar mold is I got from you. Max did a GREAT job of it and I also ordered the liner/skin for the bottom of the mold, oh my, how great that is also. I want to later on get a liner/skin for the mold with my name or logo on it or maybe both, but for right now I can't do that, but that is in my plans, as soon as I can. Thank you Max for doing such a great job of the soap molds and making it so easy for us soapiers to have perfect bars, sence I can not cut soap worth a hoot. How great is to pop the soaps out and they are the size I want and perfect shape.

Also want to thank you, Rita, for being such a help with me on the order and deciding which mold you thought I should order. A big thank you to you and Max!

Deb in TX

Hi Rita!

Just wanted to tell you how THRILLED I am with my plastic soap mold. For the past 2.5 years, I've been using wood molds, and while they were great, it was always a hassle to line them, etc. Your hard plastic mold is a Godsend! It's made making soap so much easier. THANK YOU!!!

Steven (aka "Zadi") Zadi's World

Dear Rita and Max,

What a dream the log molds are! We have been using them for over a year and LOVE them. They are easy to use, easy to clean and virtually indestructable. We tried many different kinds over the years and when we stumbled on your web site thought we would give them a try. Boy, we threw out our other molds immediately. Yours were far superior.

We make soap for our two retail stores and web site using your molds. The soap cools and sets up more quickly so we can really crank out the loaves on a busy week.

Thanks to you and Max for creating these ingenious molds!

Barbara Brunner Urbane Zen Portland Oregon

Rita, I have to tell you how absolutely wonderful your unrefined shea butter is! I have used unrefined shea butter from two different suppliers for almost two years now and have dealt with them almost exclusively because they have a reputation for having the cream of the crop, as they say. Well, they're wrong. You have the cream of the crop! I found your product comparable to theirs in color and scent, but your shea runs ahead of the pack as far as creaminess. I was able to melt your shea without tempering it beforehand because I could just tell from the consistency that it was superior! My body cream is even creamier and more luxurious than ever. I can't thank you enough!! Carol Whitmore Moonstruck Molds

I got my first batch of multibase from Rita today and I am convinced it won't be my last. I already made the Avocado Lotion and may I say it is absolutely wonderful. It is so rich and creamy and just "hugs" your skin... it melts right into it. It is great to know that my customers are getting a superior quality product that I myself love. Can't wait to mix up my Goats' Milk and Oatmeal batches too! Thanks Rita for making such great products so affordable for us. Becky Ratz, Fort Myers, FL

I just had to write you and tell everyone about the Monoi Lotion I made from scratch & sold at my last show. The only oil in it is Monoi. All I had to do was to show people to my "tester", tell them what Monoi is and let them sample my lotion for themselves, and that was "it". My lotions sold like hotcakes! No one had ever heard of Monoi de Tahiti before, and as far as I know I'm the ONLY maker of personal care products in my area to carry it. I look forward to a terrific following.

Thank you Rita for giving me such a special product for my line! I highly recommend Monoi to anyone looking to offer something incredibly lovely and very unique to their customers. There's simply nothing else like it.

Sue Flood Westerville, Ohio

At the TSA convention in Dallas this summer, I learned about Sodium Lactate and saw how beautiful the bars of soap were when SL was used. These bars were firm and beautifully shaped (very little flaws that I could see). I bought some and made soap 2 days ago. I used the 18 bar wooden mold that Rita used to sell. To my amazement, within 18 hours these soaps were ready to be removed from the mold. The bars came out of the mold easily and were flawless. I would highly reccomend SL. I did mine at 3%. IT'S GREAT. I have finally made a bar of soap that I am proud of. No trimming necessary. HAPPY SOAPING! Nancy S. OK

Dear Rita, My new 18-bar plastic mold is all I had hoped and even more! I used it for my first attempt at CP and it worked like a dream. Unlike the log mold I had been using for HP, the tray mold allowed me to play with swirling. Then it gave me absolutely perfect bars---no more trimming! Whenever anyone discusses the best molds for soapmaking, I'll always recommend yours. It's very easy to set up and clean, and the truly professional results can't be beat! Best wishes, Geri Burgert, Port Jefferson, NY

I bought one to test last month and I love it. I just ordered 4 more. I make soap for my retail store and your is the best I have ever used! Thank you. Barbara Brunner

Rita & Max I just wanted to say thanks for making and selling your wonderful plastic log mold. It is the easiest to use & makes a wonderful log with straight sides & square corners. I use mine in the oven with out any problems, no leaking, no lining, no sticking, my log comes out of the mold easy just unscrew the bolts remove the sides and slide the log off the bottom piece & slice. Oh did I mention no lining or spraying of the mold. If I made bigger batches I would not hesitate to buy more of these plastic log molds from Rita. So if you are thinking of buy a new mold try one of Rita & Max's. Ursula White Lutz, FL

Hello Rita, Well I just removed my first batch of c-p soap from your all plastic 30-bar soap mold and WOW what a mold. I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself. I actually have 30 perfect bars of soap that are all the same size!!!!!! No trimming no nothing but 30 perfect bars. Well this IS repeating. This mold was a snap to put together and a snap to take apart. It washes beautifully and worth its weight in gold for us soapers that know all about using boxes, kitty litter pans, drawer dividers or you name it and using this stuff is out the door. I used to spend 5 times more time trimming and cutting than I did making the soap but not any more with my plastic mold so did I tell you that I have 30 PERFECT BARS OF SOAP ; ) Oh and by the way this is what happened...I ordered, I blinked and it was delivered. Great service and great job to your hubby and a big great Thank You. Because of you my life is alot easier doing what I love....M A K I N G S O A P ......... CINDY LAUDICO

I have been soaping for about 3 years and looking for the perfect mold. I just found it! Recently I ordered the 3 pound log mold from Kelsei's Creations. In just a word, WONDERFUL! Max and Rita have outdid themselves. Keep up the good work! Vena Whitney, Prairie Sage Soaps

Rita, OKAY THIS IS IMPORTANT: ABOUT THE NEW MOLDS You can put this on your website about the 18 bar molds. I don't know if it would work with the larger ones... but I bet folks would be thrilled to know this I NEVER USE A LINER. There's no need. With the new molds, they're so well fitted that I don't need to use masking tape around them, because they don't leak. My findings: 1. I LOVE the new divider bars 2. I LOVE the handles 3. I LOVE having screws on all 4 sides, thanks, Max 4. I LOVE how well they're fitted 5. I LOVE that they're marked as to which end of the divider goes where. Vicki Camp

Rita, I got my fragrance oils and essential oils from you today and wanted to let you know how much I love the smell of the new ones I got from you. I have used your essential oils before and LOVE them, they work well in all my soaps, which I do cold process soaps and the oven soaps. The price is right and you are a doll to work with. Thank you for such wonderful products and prices that I can afford. Shriley in NC

Well, after using the 30 bar mold I am ready to give you my official review.....AWESOME!!! It is the mold I have been looking for. I have used it about 6 times now. I do put saran wrap on the bottom since some of my recipes are soft after 24 hours and I am not a very patient person. I just find it easier. I was very surprised to see how easily the dividers do pull up and the bars slide right off. Today I divided a batch in half. What's also nice is that there is no bleeding under the dividers so I can do two scents at once. I haven't poured and then inserted the dividers, yet. I have no problem at all using a measuring cup and filling each compartment. I am very pleased with your mold and I would suggest anyone who makes soap give it a shot.....I'm seriously thing of getting another. Cleaup was easy too. While my lye and oils were cooling I disasembled it washed it, put it back together and was ready to pour again.....Thanks......Bonnie

I have to give you many kudo(s) for a wonderful product!!! I purchased a plastic divider mold from you over a year ago. That mold was the best investment I choose to make in soap molds. Previously, I had invested many dollars in other molds that are sitting on my shelf collecting dust, when I could have put my money to work in a second or third mold from you (wish I had the foresight back then). For this reason, I would like any potential customer to know more about your molds from a very satisfied customer. Max makes a very sturdy mold, not a thin plastic that gives/distorts when carried or from the weight of the soap batches. The plastic is very thick, and appears to be just as durable as a wooden mold. The dividers fit nicely in the slots on the sides of the mold and produces nice sized bars in which you can vary the thickness, depending on how deep you pour the soap. My soaps are often marbled, and the dividers do not mar the marbling you achieve. I love the way your plastic mold comes apart easily, making wash up a breeze. Lining the plastic mold is un-necessary. However, I do add a thin sheet of plastic on the bottom, prior to placing the sides on the mold. Its just my preference to do this. When my soap is done, I remove the sides of the mold, peel off the plastic, and then remove the soap bars. Sooo easy, no worrying about cutting the soaps evenly..... The only problem I have now, "is" when I have one soap batch curing, I'm dying to make another batch, and have to patiently wait for the first to harden before I can re-use that mold. I love the mold so much, I am going back to Kelsei's site "with the foresight and knowledge" that I am buying a quality mold that I will be more than happy with. Its well worth the money spent!!!! By the by, Rita has another great product in Manoi de Tahiti-Tiare. Its a wonderful oil that is plugged into the coconut oil section of your lye calculator... I usually deduct about 6 ounces from my regular coconut oil amounts for a 5 pound batch, and melt down my 6 oz of Manoi de tahiti to add just before trace in CP soaps. It adds a wonderful dimenion to soaps made with Cuke-Melon scents, and florals, or used in larger quantities ... it stands on its own ; ) The lather is luxurious, and MdT is soo nice on the skin. Huggs, Bekka

Hi Rita, Well I finally got a chance to make some soap and use the new cutter. All I can say is Wow !!! What a breeze , my mitre box cutter sure is going to be lonely :-) I really love it. God Bless, Mike Lawson

Dear Rita, I just had to write and tell you that I absolutely LOVE your plastic log mold that I recently ordered! I no longer have to drive myself crazy, LOL, trying to line a wooden soap mold with freezer paper! :)) Thank you for creating something that both works great AND saves me headache and a half (never could quite miter the freezer paper into the corners of the wood molds, thus, I never quite got a square log!) I just unmolded some peppermint soap I made in your mold and I have to say, it is perfectly rectangular! YAY! Thanks again for a GREAT product!Joy Kendrick

Hi Rita! It's me, I'm back for my fifth these things. Won't make soap using any other mold. Tammy in MD

Rita, I can not tell you how pleased I am with everything I have received from you. It first started with the mold. I was getting ready to start making soap and needed molds. I had been searching the internet for some nice soap molds and found your site, saw your molds which looked really nice and the bonus was they had dividers. I had to order one. I got to talk with you on the phone and you were so nice and went out of your way to make sure the molds got to me ASAP so I could start making soap. When I got them I was impressed with the quality and they are so sturdy! I liked the mold so much I ordered 2 more! They are awesome and I even use them in CPOP and they work great! I've gotten oils and emu oil (the best ever) and have been impressed with their quality too. I know that when I buy from you I will get the best there is and the ultimate in customer service. This plus your friendly emails is the reason I order from you and will continue. You are the best! THANK YOU RITA!! Kelly Heintz

The cutter is better than one could possibly imagine and share my pleasure with Max if you will. It certainly is beefy and what a time saver - oh my! In fact I am so pleased, next week I will be ordering more loaf molds just so I can use the cutter more often! The fact of the matter remains that I could not be a satisfied customer unless you had a great product - and you do! Thank you again so very much. Barb Potter

Hi Rita, I just want to tell you how much I like your molds. I have the wooden eighteen bar mold and I can't say enough about it. I use to made my soap in a all plastic pan and had a terrible time getting my bars to look nice. Now I hear from everyone that I give my soap too how they love the shape of the bars. It is so easy to remove the bars from to mold. Thank you Rita for all your help with making my soap such a success. Carole Kay from Minnesota

Dear Rita, I must tell you I love it! What a great product! It is such a time saver and is so much fun to use. I am having great fun with it as you can imagine. Thank you for your wonderful instructions...I am very glad I purchased the plastic mold and will be using it forever since it is so durable and sturdy. Take care! and thank you again. Would be glad to recommend your molds to anyone interested...have already e-mailed a goat milk soaper in Minnesota (my home state) recommending the mold to her. Trudy Webb

These are the best molds I have bought.. Easy to use, clean up, and perfect bars with minimal trimming..I absolutely love them.. Rita is absolutely wonderful to deal with. I think you'll find you will really enjoy these molds..Swirling is a blast!!!! Give her an e-mail and check out her site.. Let her know Suzi from Moon Mountain Soap referred you cause she just keeps track of how word gets out.. ie internet, word of mouth etc...I have the Large mold (42) bar 3 of them and just placed an order for 2 little molds too.. Here is the link.. and good luck.. Suzi

Hello Rita, I received the molds that I ordered about 10 days ago and I used the Log Soap Mold and the Small Plastic Mold. They are fantastic. I am really pleased with the molds. I have not had a chance to use the Large Plastic Mold yet, but I am sure that it works as well as the small Plastic one. Regards, Athena Kazis

Hi Rita, I must say I received the Fragrance Oils from you today, and the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey is the BEST! I just love it. I can not wait to use it tomorrow in my soap. Also you have some wonderful essential oils, the Rosemary I have used for about a year, and it is the best for the price I have ever used, and I want use anyother. The Peppermint is very strong and holds up so good in the cold process soap I make. Thanks for such wonderful products at prices we can afford. Love, Sheila in GA