Appearance : Oily yellow liquid with density varying according to tempature

Color : Golden Yellow Scent:

Sui Generis Fusion point : Approximately 24-26°C

Solidification point : Approximately 15°-20°C

Acid Value : Less than 5 mg/KOH/gr

Saponification value : 240-270

Peroxyde Value : Less than 10 meq oxy/kg

Refractive Index : between 1,145 - 1,450

Solubility : Soluble in oils and fatty substances

Non soluble in water

Ways you can use Monoi Oil in Body Care Products

Monoi Lotions, Creams, Moisturizers, Hair Care and Bath

BODY CARE: The Monoi Oil is ideal for all skin types but it is especially beneficial for individuals who have dry skin. The best way to use Monoi Oil on your body is immediately following a bath while your skin is still moist. Monoi is a wonderful skin moisturizer, Especially good on dry areas such as elbows, hands and feet. Massage gently until the Monoi lotion is completely absorbed into your skin; it absorbs fast. Monoi lotion is also wonderful for a body massage or after sun body lotion.

FACIAL CARE: Monoi Moisturizer is 100% natural from vegetable ingredients, it is safe to use on your face, great for your dry or wrinkled skin. It will soak right in and leave your face looking more healthy. Use daily or nightly before bedtime: pour a few drops of Monoi Day Moisturizer on the tips of your fingers and apply gently. The Moisturizing Day Beauty Cream can be used daily on your face.
Caution: If your facial skin is oily, use lightly. For the benefits of overnight moisturizing, gently dab a drop of Monoi Night Moisturizer around the delicate parts of your eyes. Monoi day and night moisturizer benefit from added Tamanu Oil.

IN YOUR BATH: To create a relaxing, sensual bath experience, pour 2 to 4 ounces of Monoi Bath Salts into a warm bath. Lay back and enjoy.

HANDS and FEET: The Monoi Body Lotion can also be used as a cuticle moisturizer and as a hand and feet moisturizing treatment for individuals that suffer from excessive dry skin. Simply apply Monoi Body Lotion on your hands or feet. Massage the oil until absorbed. For a truly deep moisturizing treatment, cover hands with cotton gloves. For your feet, cover with cotton socks and leave overnight. Wash and repeat often as needed for a few days.

HAIR CARE: Tahitian women's lustrous hair is world famous. This is due to pre-shampoo conditioner they use. Apply Monoi Hot Oil treatment onto your hair (this is especially good for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair). Place bottle in warm water to heat oil, apply to hair. Leave on for at least 15 minutes. Wash hair thoroughly with your Monoi Shampoo.

NOTE: We do not make medical claims; however, there is a growing amount of laboratory evidence to support essential oils as having healing properties; examples; antiseptic, antibiotic, fungicide, etc. IMPORTANT: This information DOES NOT constitute recommendations for medical or psychological treatment. We recommend that medical and psychiatric conditions be referred to your licensed health care provider.

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