Handcrafted soap, beautiful to see and soothing to the skin. Named after our Granddaughter,Kelsei. Kelsei's Creations™ has little in common with store bought soaps. Though they function similarly.

I have been making soaps for over 19 years now. I have gone into making lotions, lotion bars, bath salts, lip balms and other products in the past several year. From the first batch of soap I made, I was hooked. I enjoy making soaps and enjoy teaching classes and helping people on the internet to learn how to make soap.

Kelsei's Creations™ soaps are made with natural products. Our handmade soaps feel soft and soothing to the skin. The lather is penetrating rather than thin and airy. It leaves an emollient film on the skin that makes it feel soft.

In manufactured soaps most of the glycerin is removed and sold separately, because of its use in industries. Kelsei's Creations™ retain its natural glycerin, making it feel soothing to the skin. Our soaps are made in our kitchen, hand cut, which gives each bar a different unique look. Our handcrafted soaps have a wonderful lather, as well as, having a smooth, clean, and relaxed feeling.

Kelsei's Creations™ soaps, are made with high quality vegetable oils. Cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil and shea butter are used for superfatting ingredients. We have one soap that has Emu Oil in the bar. Emu Oil makes a wonderful, soothing bar. We also have two Goat Milk Soaps, which milk has been known for years to be good for the skin. Each batch of goat milk soaps are made with oils and goat milk, NO WATER, all pure goat milk for the liquid, which makes a more soothing and healing bar of soap. You need to try the goat milk soap if you have dry, problem or just normal skin, it is wonderful!!!

Kelsei's Creations™ does not use commercial dyes but in one soap. All coloring is determined by natural ingredients of herbs, grains, spices and oils used. Essential oils and some fragrance oils are used in scenting our soaps.

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