Kelsei's Creations can make a size bar you want. Just email me with the size of the bar you are wanting and I will send it to Max, my husband, and he will figure it and sent back to me and then I will email you with the cost of it. There is a 1 Time Set Up Fee for the mold if you want it and that is $75.00. The set up fee is not refundable once you tell me you want it. Then cost of the mold. BUT you will be told the totals FIRST and you will have to approve it BEFORE we start it and we have to have the one time set up fee to start with plus half of the soap mold cost. The other half of the soap mold cost PLUS the shipping will be done at the time it is finished.

If you want a skin with your logo on it the info is at the bottom of the page. Thank You Kelsei's Creations.

This is my logo and name on my soaps. The spots you see in the bar IS from the Oatmeal that was used in the soap. NOT from the skin that the logo/name is on. This is just a little what you can do with your bars. Let your imagination go wild and design your own bars.

Kelsei's Creations can NOT do a refund on Special Order Soap Molds UNLESS it is our mistake.

Kelsei's Creations can now make any size bars you want for your soap molds.
We can also make almost any shape bars you want.
We can imprint your special logo or company name on your molds.
They will be made with same type of material that the Original Divider Soap Molds, but made to your size, shape or logo in the bar you want.
Send me a email by clicking on my name below and tell me what size bars you want and how many bars you want in the mold, if you want your logo, company name. Send a gif. file if you want a company name or logo.
Max will figure the mold you want and I will get back with you with the cost of the mold.
We do ask for one half downpayment before we start the mold and then the other half and shipping of the mold to you, when the mold is finished.
I will send you a email telling you when your mold is ready to ship to you and give you the totals with UPS Ground Shipping if you are in the USA and if you are International, it will ship USPS Air Mail with Insurance.

We are very excited about being able to make the size bars of soap you want and putting your logo or name or both on your bars of soap you make.

Allow 4-8 weeks for the special order mold to be ready for you once you have placed the order.
It might be sooner, but we want you to know it might take 4-8 weeks before it is ready to ship out to you.
There is a set up fee for your mold. There is the cost of the mold, plus UPS Ground shipping, if you are in the USA and if you are International it will be shipped USPS Air with Insurance. We do ask for half down to start with and the other half plus the shipping when the mold is ready to ship to you. I can not tell you how much the shipping on your special order mold will be till the mold is ready and weigh it.

This is a picture of what just your name would look like on a skin for the 18 Bar Soap Mold that is our stock 18 Bar Soap Mold.
If you wanted your logo in the middle of your name that can be added.

Please click on the Rita Richards below if you would like to design your very own soap mold and get priceing.
There is a ONE time set up fee, which will be charged to you before he works the picture up for you. So PLEASE don't waste your time and our time, if you are not really interested in this. The set up fee is normally $75.00 dollars, depending on what you want and how hard it is for him to get it set up. But we WILL tell you the cost of the set up fee right at FIRST.
Please send me a picture of your logo and what writting you might want. A jpg. is better if you can send that for him. Max will do the figuring and I will get back with a picture of what he has come up with and the price.

Rita Richards