Calophyllum Inophyllum

Tamanu oil comes from the nuts of the ati tree. Several species of the tree grow wild in the tropical climate of the Pacific. The ati tree flourishes in Tahiti. The ati tree has white flowers and later small fruit. Tamanu fruit is edible and taste similar to an apple. When the fruit falls away or is removed the fruit's kernel contains the tamanu nut. As soon as they are exposed to the sun for approximately two months, they become brownish and an aromatic odor is given off. This is when the oil content of the nut is very high. The more the nut dries the more oil the nut has. The nuts have to be protected during this time from the rain and weather. When the nut is ready then that is when the oil is taken from the nut, which is done in the Cold Process way. Our Tamanu Oil is cold prossed and virgin.


The oil has been used for centuris by the people of Tahiti. Pure Tamanu Oil is a natural therapeutic and beauty aid. The oils has been used in cosmetics in Europe for many years and is now being used in the United States in some cosmetics. The more is known about the oil the more companies are using this wonderful, healing oil. The oils is very good for sun burn, chemical burns, age spots, cracked skin, bed sores, dry skin, ageing skin, diaper rash, psoriasis, infected nails, insect bites, stretch marks, dry skin, diabetic sores and much more uses. Tamanu Oil is to be used topically only! It is not for internal use and should be used only on the skin. If a person is allergic to nuts, they should test it first before they use it, or not use it at all. The oil is wonderful in creams, lotions, soaps and all cosmetic procuts. It take very little of the oil mixed with other oils to make a wonderful cream, lotion, soap or any cosmetic products.


Thousands of years ago, in the remote islands of Tahiti, the natives found a large tree growing wild near the lagoons. They called it the ati tree. The people soon learned the nuts of the tree had a special oil in it, when extraced, it made a wonderful oil for the skin, and the people of Tahiti are known for their beautiful skin, and part of that reason is the Tamanu oil they use. It fast became the sun blocking oil for them, as well as wonderful for after the sun burns too. The people there believe the oil is a sacred nature gift. It is now that the United States can get the oil from there and we can use the oil and get the same effect as the Tahiti women get and have. Aren't we thankful for the people over there that we can get the oil and use the oil and see the wonderful effect of it too?


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